Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Sulphur- A messy theorizing intellectual

  1. Sulphur is the most exceptional in intellectual abilities. Sulphur are born with  gifted mental abilities.
  2. Some very known sulphurs are: Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Samuel Hahnemann, Abraham Lincoln and Socrates.
  3. Sulphur  are philosophers, lives in a world of imagination, deep in thought, theorizing and unaware to the simple physical life they live and they are apathetic to all the material things.
  4. Sulphur remain optimistic even when they have to endure adverse living conditions or suffer from a prolonged illness.
  5. Like the flammable element sulphur, they are restless and nervous and need a lot of emotional, mental and physical room.
  6. Sulphur have greatest egos, but this ego is the motivating force that keeps him dynamic, energizing, focused and driven. They are self motivated and set examples for others to follow.
  7. If this intense ego become imbalanced, they are destructive, obsessive, irritable, insecure, negative and a hypochondriac.
  8. It is easy to detect a sulphur, when a sulphur is suppressed. Its unconscious side of mental and emotional appears. As his alter ego sets in and its all flaws become visible. When there is suppression of their imagination, creativity, ego and spirit, it will degenerate sulphur's fire. He become  irritable and difficult to live with and his physical body starts to adapt  its discomforts, miserable situation and becoming ill with disease.
  9. A sulphur can spot in a crowd because his not properly groomed long hair and outgoing selection of clothing (sometimes wearing the same clothes for weeks). Sulphur is indifferent for messy house.
  10. Sulphur  are usually dogmatic and cannot be influenced. Sulphurs want to do things if they want to, not when told to. 
  11. They always struggle for ego and honor. So, dislikes criticism which causes lots of anxiety, suppression and being scorned. The embarrassment is extremely humiliating for them.
  12. They like his independence and freedom, so always prefer self employment.
  13. They have lots of self confidence, ostentatious about his achievements. They can teach a class better than the instructor and has knowledge of a broad range of subjects and are highly intellectual.
  14. They are highly passionate about their work or any thought. When it comes to achieve a goal or passion, sulphur gives its 1000%, whether it is a negative or positive obsession work related project.
  15. They are known for consuming large amounts of alcohol.
  16. They are attracted to the opposite sex. They cannot stop themselves flirting with women. But they have to dependent on their wives, emotionally and  practically because their wife had to do everything for him even to be fed, dressed, etc.  So, the wife is "queen" in his eyes.

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