Saturday, 12 September 2020

Rules for Second Prescription

  1. You have to wait, when the patient feels better.
  2. Never give a remedy when you don’t get a clear picture of the patient. Its better give placebo till a clear picture appears.
  3. Never give a new remedy as long as the homeopathic picture is still changing. (If patient is suffering seriously, then only you can give new remedy.)
  4. Do not be too impatient to give something when an old symptom or group of old symptoms comes back, even when it bothers the patient.
  5. Never give a new remedy when any discharge or skin eruption appears after a former remedy and when the patient feels better in general.
  6.  You have to wait, when after the remedy most of the symptoms have disappeared. Even if the patient seems to have some remaining symptoms, wait for action of remedy stops.
  7. Never change a remedy that has worked well. In case of a relapse, repeat the same remedy in the same potency. If this does not work, give a higher potency and if need be a lower potency, before leaving this remedy.
  8. You will spoil the case, if you repeat a remedy too quickly, you can disturb the action of the previous remedy.
  9. Only repeat a remedy that working well in case of a complete relapse . It means give the same remedy when the state of patient is same as he visited you for the first time.
  10. Never give a new remedy when the symptoms follows Hering’s Law of Cure.

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