Friday, 14 August 2020

What is Organon of Medicine

The word Organon has been derived from a Greek word "Organum" which means itself derived from ergon and so meaning something by which a task is accomplished. The name Organum gave rise to the modern everyday term organ.

According to Dr. Richard Hughes- " An instrument for effecting in best manner a certain end".
Origin- Before Hahnemann this word used by the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 B.C.). Later Lord Francis Bacon (1561-1626 A.D.) used this title for his book on logic called 'Novum Organum'.

 Organon is written in an aphoristic style as Lord Bacon wrote his 'Novum Organum' in the same style and Hahnemann was influenced by him. This book based on inductive logic. This book is the rule book of Homeopathic system of medicine and it contains basic principles of Homeopathy and Hahnemann also criticized the prevailing systems of medicine in this book. Organon of Medicine was originally written in German language by Dr. Hahnemann.

Content- The whole book is divided into two parts-
  1. Introduction- It is review of allopathic method of treatment. It deals with various prefaces of different editions of Organon of Medicine.
  2. Organon Proper- It is again sub-divided into Doctrinal part and Practical part.
  • Doctrinal part or Theoretical part- This part contains Aphorism from 1 to 70. This part deal with the logical explanation of the theories and principles involved in the practice of medicine, knowledge of medicine, choice of remedy as well as its administration.
  • Practical part- This part contains Aphorism from 71- 294. This part narrates the method of acquiring knowledge about the disease,drug, case taking, drug proving, general classification of disease, proper method of application of medicine, diet and regimen and other auxillary methods of treatment like bath, massage, mesemerism etc.

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