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Review on Treatise on the Effects of Coffee by Dr. Hahnemann

For a perfect health and long life, we use mostly nutritive food and consume those things which are healthy or makes us healthy. We use some herbs, spices and medicament in our food or in drinks to make it tastier as well as gives us nutritional and medicinal benefits. But after some time, we are so much used to it that we can't even know that they become our habits. For examples: -  Herbal tea, coffee, spices etc.

According to Webster dictionary- "Medicament: a substance used in therapy".
According to "Medicament: something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease".
The substances which are called medicament can produce two types of effects on body; first one is a morbific influence on a healthy organism and second one is the quality of annihilating the irregular and dangerous state of the body, which we call disease, that is, to transform it into a state of health. If we employed, except in cases of sickness, they are quite injurious to health. The frequent and dietetic use  of these substances which have medicinal properties disturbs the harmonious balance of our organs, weaken our health, and curtails our life.
Every medicament produces some specific changes  in the body of a healthy man, which properly belong to it. If we make use of  these medicament in case of sickness which have almost a perfect resemblance to the symptoms which the medicament can alone produce in a healthy body, a complete cure will follow. The justifiable and wise use of this medicinal substance, of which very few persons know the true value, but of which millions of men make a fatal use by using on frequent and on dietetic basis.
According to Hahnemann- "A beneficial medicament for a healthy person is a self-contradictory assertion".
Hahnemann also said- The more they resemble these last, and the more frequently and copiously they are introduced into our bodies, the more do they become equivocal and injurious to our health and opposed to longevity...........Wine was the only purely medicinal beverage of the ancients; but the Greeks and Romans, wiser than ourselves, never partook of it without having first mixed water with it copiously.
Medicinal products are substances alter the state of health and every such alteration is a condition opposed to nature, that is, a species of disease.We continue the use of these medicinal products (which we are enslaved by fashion and the force of example), which becomes our habit and calm the disagreeable sensations which they at first produce in us. These things finally please us by giving us relaxation in trivial indispositions but by their continued use  on the contrary, the agreeable effects which they apparently produce upon our organs insensibly become necessities.

According to Hahnemann- "It is the toxic nature of a substance what gives it its therapeutic power. Its ability to influence health is its therapeutic/toxic power, just as it is its healing power.............. They are the two sharp edges of the same sword.............. Why else do you think that Agar, Bell, Ars, Nux, Hyos, Lachesis, Naja, Strych, Stram, Veratrum etc are in the materia medica? Their toxic power is their healing power.......... The only difference is the dose."
And i think in this way Treatise of Effects of Coffee  became the precursor of homeopathic laws. Regarding the tiny doses of homeopathy, which  its prime feature, then once again, this measure was arrived at by Hahnemann entirely through his  empirical experiment and not through any a prior reasoning or incipient theoretical inclination. 
"In Aphorisms 65 and 66 explore with detailed examples the primary and secondary actions of drugs. In Aphorism 68 says that only very small doses of drugs are required to stimulate and mimic the curative secondary effects that the vital force can mount to throw off a disease or a drug."
Samuel Hahnemann was indeed incorporated the laws in homeopathy by his distinguished  rare acumen...his clear judgement...his piercing intelligence, his profound and clear spirit of observation. Hahnemann's inquiring spirit had the fire like a youth. This inquisitive man had profound thoughtfulness and originality and was superior to most in having substantiated and carried out his doctrines into actual and most extensive practice.

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