Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Different Fears of Arsenic Album (Homeopathic medicine)

Arsenic patient always feels vulnerable and they have various kinds of fear. These fears are interlinked and they always want to live careful, safe, secure and protected life.

  1. Fear of being alone- Because they are fearful, so they seek protection by close people and always wants company of people. They know that they can't cope up danger alone
  2. Fear of poverty- Similarly they accumulate money and hoarding material goods (even piece of paper) for their future (Hoarder). They think that after getting sick, all these things will be needed and nothing can happen without money. This fear led him thrifty, miser and avarice.
  3. Fear of health- This fear leads him to eat healthy, play sports, do exercises and take care of themselves to stay well.
  4. Fear of germs and microbes- They become so obsessed about their health. So, they clean, disinfect and strive to keep everything neat and tidy. They keep their everything in order and organize them perfectly. This leads them to become fastidious and perfectionist. (Gold-headed cane patient). They always restless for keeping things orderly placed even in front of guest they can’t resist themselves and couldn't hide this habit of cleanliness.
  5. Fear of disease- They have extreme fear of illnesses, particularly cancer and heart disease. Trivial change makes them so anxious that they go for all kinds of medical tests and investigations in order to know everything about these changes. They visit at the doctor’s clinic regularly for their health assessment.
  6. Fear of death- Unfortunately, in spite of these protective measures, if he becomes ill or get sick, makes him more anxious and fearful. He thinks it is useless to take medicines and death will approaches him soon. Even he predicts the time of death.    

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