Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Why Hahnemann used motto from poet Gellert on the title page of first edition of Organon of Medicine?

"The truth we morals need,
Us blest to make and keep,
The All-wise slightly cover'd over,
But did not bury deep".
                                      (English version of original)
These lines indicate the anxiety of Hahnemann's mind. During the time of Hahnemann the physicians, who were mortal beings, have taken erroneous task of curing the sick though they are miserably ignorant of the constitution of man and of the essential secrets of nature e.g. mind, life and matter and their mysterious integration in the living human being. Hence the basis with which they started work in the field of medicine was wrong and everyone was assuming the hidden causes of diseases. Physicians no longer tried to see diseases as they were, but they wished by a prior reasoning to find out and doing hazardous irrational treatment based upon speculations.
                        He was aware of limitation of human mind but he couldn't compromise himself to the fact that human beings are really helpless to find a way to treat illness though the secrets of life, health and disease remain unknown to them.And Hahnemann illuminated the world with the latest conception of life, health and disease and realize the potentialities of clinical aspects of natural and artificial disease i. e. produced by drugs.      

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