Friday, 10 July 2020

Precursors of Organon of Medicine (Immortal work of Hahnemann)

  1. In 1796--An essay on a new principle for ascertaining the curative powers of drugs.
  2. In 1805--Aesculapius in the Balance.
  3. In 1805--Medicine of Experience.
  4. In 1808--On the Value of the Speculative System of Medicine.
  5. In 1809--Observations on the Three Current Methods of Treatment.
  6. In 1813--The Spirit of the Homeopathic Doctrine of Medicine.
These writings will flow a flood of light on the mental crisis which Hahnemann had to undergo while appraising the scientific value of the system of medicine which was in vague during his time. These writings should serve as a good introduction to the study of Organon and these forerunners tell us how we get our fundamentals of medicine.

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