Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Indifference (Final part)

Some more aspects of indifference: -

Indifference to everything in life- This state is similar to ennui, that mental weariness and overall dissatisfaction with life.  His attitude is more defeatist; his mood is calm, but his outlook is indifferent. This state is in following medicines-

  1. Lycopodium
  2. Calcarea Carb.
  3. Sulphur
Indifference to pleasure and money- A genuine lack of response to pleasure or can indicate some strong feeling or conviction which the patient is combating. "Pleasure" here does not mean merely sensual gratification or indulgence in comfort, sexuality, rest, and beauty (although elements of these are naturally present), indifference to pleasure thus suggests some gross psychic deformity, the negation of some vital human attribute. 

  1. Phosphoric acid
  2. Carbo veg.
  3. Sepia
N.B.-In Phosphorus indifference often takes the form of unresponsiveness, in Lycopodium of detachment, in Sulphur of egocentricity, in Natrum muriaticum of self-denial, in Sepia of lack of interest, in Lachesis of  switching off, and so forth. 

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