Friday, 24 July 2020

"Caution before giving these Homeopathic medicine"

  1. Apis-- Lower potency repetition in pregnancy (Farrington)
  2. Kali. Carb.-- Too high in old gout, Bright's disease, advanced Phthisis (Kent)
  3. Merc.-- Too often in Psoric cases (Kent)
  4. Arsenic alb.-- In dysentery (Kent)
  5. Sulphur-- Phthisis and structural diseases (Kent)
  6. Phos.-- Beware in impotency or very weak constitutions (Kent)
  7. Natrum Mur.-- Shouldn't often repeated in chronic cases without an intercurrent called  by the symptoms.
  8. Natrum mur.-- Should never be given during fever paroxysms
  9. Iodum-- Should not be given in lying-in period except in high potencies (Hering)
  10. Ferrum-- Should not be given in syphilis 
  11. Potash salts-- Should never be used when there is fever
  12. Santonine-- Don't give when there is fever or constipation

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