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Carcinosin-- A Victim of Frightful Dominance

According to J.H. Clark-This is one of the principal nosodes of cancer, and is one of Dr. Burnett's preparations. I have met with a suicidal tendency in several cancer patients, so that the cancer nosodes may be appropriate in many mental cases, especially with a tendency to suicide and family history of cancer.

According to J.T. Kent- He believed cancer to be result of suppressed Psora miasm.

According to William Boericke-Carcinoma of the mammary glands with great pain and induration of glands; of uterus, the offensive discharge, hemorrhage and pain are greatly relieved.

      Indigestion, accumulation of gas in stomach and bowels; rheumatism-Cancerous cachexia.

According to Foubister- It is useful in mental cases with a background of fright, prolonged fear or unhappiness. Fear can come into picture a great deal and anticipation. This is an important aspect of Carcinosin. 
Actually the intense disparity within the remedy that seems to make it so confusing actually makes it easier to understand once we see how the phases of the remedy unfolds.
                                   A typical Carcinosin exhibits itself in four different phases, in which initiation of one phases doesn't wait the completion of another phase.
These phases are-
    1. Phase of Fright
    2. Phase of Submission and Suppression
    3. Phase of Outburst
    4. Phase of Weakness
  • In phase of fright, Carcinosin struggles for the survival for life.
  • In phase of submission and suppression Carcinosin feels to loses her identity.
  • In phase of outburst Carcinosin exhibits its anger and become rebellious.
  • In phase of weakness Carcinosin feels weak after exhaustion in exhibiting her feeling and this weakness leads Carcinosin in the phase of fright again. 

How these phases runs through out the life of Carcinosin is best explained in this book.CARCINOSIN: A Victim of Frightful Dominance: A Homeopathic Book on Carcinosin (1 to 10 e-books collection 2) by [Dr. Rashmi Singh]

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