Friday, 31 July 2020

Aethusa- Aloof self-talking man (Homeopathic medicine)

Mental symptoms of Aethusa Cynapium-
  1.  A man apart- Aethusa always remains separate from others. He feels withdrawn, but in a very singular way.  But inside he experiences very deep, intense emotions, that he does not communicate  to other people. He may feel friendly, but he appears aloof.
  2. I didn’t grow up in a happy family, I am different from other people.”- Patient always feel disconnected from everyone. He feels that no one can understands him. He always feels alienated.
  3. "Drawn to one singular outlet: animals"- So he withdraws himself from outside world and makes extraordinary communication with animals. He spends most of his time with animals. If someone hurts animal he can do anything even hurt people. He has decided to refrain from communicating with other people. (Animal protector)
  4. Delusion of animals- “I am not interested in the love of human beings, only the love of animals.” (Kent repertory). A deep subconscious connection with animals.
  5. Talk to himself-  When there is insufficient outlets for his intense emotions and if the feelings remain withheld, the emotions can stuff the subconscious mind. This overloading sets and patient's mind starts the brimming, subconscious mind overflows and we may often see the patient begin to talk to himself.
  6. Fear of sleep - Fears to close his eyes lest he should never wake,” fear of surgery; the patient fears that he will not awaken from the anesthesia because combination of both the fear of sleep and fear of dark makes him fear of surgery. Fear of the dark. When he finally go to sleep, the sleep is restless and he starts, talks in his sleep and may even be prone to somnambulism.
  7. Linea nasalis- He always seems to be serious and always give an impression of deep meditating about the affairs, so linea nasalis is well marked. 
  8. Examination Funk-  His benumb mind makes it feel empty and incapable of perceiving, retaining and processing information. Schoolboys or students cannot concentrate their mind on their work. It seems  impossible to prepare for an examination because they are unable to read anything, unable to think or even focus or pay attention. They feel a kind of stupefaction as if a barrier is between their organs of sense and the external objects.

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