Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Different Fears of Arsenic Album (Homeopathic medicine)

Arsenic patient always feels vulnerable and they have various kinds of fear. These fears are interlinked and they always want to live careful, safe, secure and protected life.

  1. Fear of being alone- Because they are fearful, so they seek protection by close people and always wants company of people. They know that they can't cope up danger alone
  2. Fear of poverty- Similarly they accumulate money and hoarding material goods (even piece of paper) for their future (Hoarder). They think that after getting sick, all these things will be needed and nothing can happen without money. This fear led him thrifty, miser and avarice.
  3. Fear of health- This fear leads him to eat healthy, play sports, do exercises and take care of themselves to stay well.
  4. Fear of germs and microbes- They become so obsessed about their health. So, they clean, disinfect and strive to keep everything neat and tidy. They keep their everything in order and organize them perfectly. This leads them to become fastidious and perfectionist. (Gold-headed cane patient). They always restless for keeping things orderly placed even in front of guest they can’t resist themselves and couldn't hide this habit of cleanliness.
  5. Fear of disease- They have extreme fear of illnesses, particularly cancer and heart disease. Trivial change makes them so anxious that they go for all kinds of medical tests and investigations in order to know everything about these changes. They visit at the doctor’s clinic regularly for their health assessment.
  6. Fear of death- Unfortunately, in spite of these protective measures, if he becomes ill or get sick, makes him more anxious and fearful. He thinks it is useless to take medicines and death will approaches him soon. Even he predicts the time of death.    

Sunday, 2 August 2020

Review on Treatise on the Effects of Coffee by Dr. Hahnemann

For a perfect health and long life, we use mostly nutritive food and consume those things which are healthy or makes us healthy. We use some herbs, spices and medicament in our food or in drinks to make it tastier as well as gives us nutritional and medicinal benefits. But after some time, we are so much used to it that we can't even know that they become our habits. For examples: -  Herbal tea, coffee, spices etc.

According to Webster dictionary- "Medicament: a substance used in therapy".
According to Vocabulary.com- "Medicament: something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of disease".
The substances which are called medicament can produce two types of effects on body; first one is a morbific influence on a healthy organism and second one is the quality of annihilating the irregular and dangerous state of the body, which we call disease, that is, to transform it into a state of health. If we employed, except in cases of sickness, they are quite injurious to health. The frequent and dietetic use  of these substances which have medicinal properties disturbs the harmonious balance of our organs, weaken our health, and curtails our life.
Every medicament produces some specific changes  in the body of a healthy man, which properly belong to it. If we make use of  these medicament in case of sickness which have almost a perfect resemblance to the symptoms which the medicament can alone produce in a healthy body, a complete cure will follow. The justifiable and wise use of this medicinal substance, of which very few persons know the true value, but of which millions of men make a fatal use by using on frequent and on dietetic basis.
According to Hahnemann- "A beneficial medicament for a healthy person is a self-contradictory assertion".
Hahnemann also said- The more they resemble these last, and the more frequently and copiously they are introduced into our bodies, the more do they become equivocal and injurious to our health and opposed to longevity...........Wine was the only purely medicinal beverage of the ancients; but the Greeks and Romans, wiser than ourselves, never partook of it without having first mixed water with it copiously.
Medicinal products are substances alter the state of health and every such alteration is a condition opposed to nature, that is, a species of disease.We continue the use of these medicinal products (which we are enslaved by fashion and the force of example), which becomes our habit and calm the disagreeable sensations which they at first produce in us. These things finally please us by giving us relaxation in trivial indispositions but by their continued use  on the contrary, the agreeable effects which they apparently produce upon our organs insensibly become necessities.

According to Hahnemann- "It is the toxic nature of a substance what gives it its therapeutic power. Its ability to influence health is its therapeutic/toxic power, just as it is its healing power.............. They are the two sharp edges of the same sword.............. Why else do you think that Agar, Bell, Ars, Nux, Hyos, Lachesis, Naja, Strych, Stram, Veratrum etc are in the materia medica? Their toxic power is their healing power.......... The only difference is the dose."
And i think in this way Treatise of Effects of Coffee  became the precursor of homeopathic laws. Regarding the tiny doses of homeopathy, which  its prime feature, then once again, this measure was arrived at by Hahnemann entirely through his  empirical experiment and not through any a prior reasoning or incipient theoretical inclination. 
"In Aphorisms 65 and 66 explore with detailed examples the primary and secondary actions of drugs. In Aphorism 68 says that only very small doses of drugs are required to stimulate and mimic the curative secondary effects that the vital force can mount to throw off a disease or a drug."
Samuel Hahnemann was indeed incorporated the laws in homeopathy by his distinguished  rare acumen...his clear judgement...his piercing intelligence, his profound and clear spirit of observation. Hahnemann's inquiring spirit had the fire like a youth. This inquisitive man had profound thoughtfulness and originality and was superior to most in having substantiated and carried out his doctrines into actual and most extensive practice.

Friday, 31 July 2020

Aethusa- Aloof self-talking man (Homeopathic medicine)

Mental symptoms of Aethusa Cynapium-
  1.  A man apart- Aethusa always remains separate from others. He feels withdrawn, but in a very singular way.  But inside he experiences very deep, intense emotions, that he does not communicate  to other people. He may feel friendly, but he appears aloof.
  2. I didn’t grow up in a happy family, I am different from other people.”- Patient always feel disconnected from everyone. He feels that no one can understands him. He always feels alienated.
  3. "Drawn to one singular outlet: animals"- So he withdraws himself from outside world and makes extraordinary communication with animals. He spends most of his time with animals. If someone hurts animal he can do anything even hurt people. He has decided to refrain from communicating with other people. (Animal protector)
  4. Delusion of animals- “I am not interested in the love of human beings, only the love of animals.” (Kent repertory). A deep subconscious connection with animals.
  5. Talk to himself-  When there is insufficient outlets for his intense emotions and if the feelings remain withheld, the emotions can stuff the subconscious mind. This overloading sets and patient's mind starts the brimming, subconscious mind overflows and we may often see the patient begin to talk to himself.
  6. Fear of sleep - Fears to close his eyes lest he should never wake,” fear of surgery; the patient fears that he will not awaken from the anesthesia because combination of both the fear of sleep and fear of dark makes him fear of surgery. Fear of the dark. When he finally go to sleep, the sleep is restless and he starts, talks in his sleep and may even be prone to somnambulism.
  7. Linea nasalis- He always seems to be serious and always give an impression of deep meditating about the affairs, so linea nasalis is well marked. 
  8. Examination Funk-  His benumb mind makes it feel empty and incapable of perceiving, retaining and processing information. Schoolboys or students cannot concentrate their mind on their work. It seems  impossible to prepare for an examination because they are unable to read anything, unable to think or even focus or pay attention. They feel a kind of stupefaction as if a barrier is between their organs of sense and the external objects.

Sunday, 26 July 2020

"Psora miasm- a mamma's gift "

We get some gifts knowingly or surprisingly, gives us happiness and when a gift, we receive from our mother (or mother nature), is always special for us. Our mother gives us life and that is greatest gift we ever received. But if we come to know that she gave us the factor or that soil on which plant of diseases flourish and grows, that is very surprising and distress us.

                                         It is true! how?

We have received hereditary influence in the form of genes. So everything in the present is charged with the past. Individual grows at a particular time, in a particular environment with a particular tendency. The expression varies in different individuals according to constitution, hereditary disposition, education, habits, mode of living, diet, occupation tendencies of mind, morals etc which together constitutes the miasm.
                                It starts when zygote forms. Zygote is a single cell inherited the impression of emotion of parents. What was mom's first reaction on hearing that she was pregnant? Was there any fright or other strong emotional event during pregnancy (fear, anxiety, rejection feeling, indignation, rudeness of others, etc.)? In which circumstances she lives during pregnancy? 
      Actually all these emotions have energy and when emotion is repressed or sidetracked from normal consciousness, that is, from the discharge of its psychic energy, it is transformed into physical disturbances. The crises of anxiety, fear ,anguish, mania, the aggressive impulses is an abrupt interruption of morbid energetic tension  which seek a way out for liberation.We observe it as the origin of mental and personality disorders, in stagnation during infantile stages due to repression or frustration. Pathological symptoms are surrogate expressions of repressed emotions.
                    Psora the main miasm with the internal restlessness, the constriction, the anxieties, and phobias are the essential negative factors, those which hinder the free flow of vital energy. Psora that bring out the anxieties of life from mind to the organs. Psora is purely produces functional dyscracias. It is a dynamic disposition of morbid susceptibility of vital force which establishes in nervous system conditions of weakness, so it means principal psychic phenomenon of Psora which exists in the background of every physio-pathological picture.

According to Kent: - "The internal state of man is prior to that which surrounds him ; therefore, environment is not cause ; it is only, as it were, a sounding board ; it only reacts upon and reflects the internal. One who has the prior, which is internal, may have that which can follow upon the external ; it flows, as it were from the internal and effects its forms upon the skin, upon the organs, upon the body of man.
If we have anxiety of life, if we live in a state of alarm, in a state of perpetual tension, embitterment over the past, envy, hatred, frustration, defensive or competitive states with sense of guilt, phobias, compulsive ideas, fears, anxiety, restlessness and in a state of perpetual internal protective wall and then arises from itself a blocking in the vital energy through the body and develops the disease.
                                            Health is the unconfined expression of the vital energy through the body in a harmonious interaction with the natural and human environment which process represents the psycho-biological adaptation, ultimately the inspired opening of own nature which is experienced wrongly as isolated and autonomous oneness, in the true richness of life. Disease is every kind of alteration , blockage or hindrance of free and harmonious flow of life energy which strikes the body and mind.
According to Hahnemann: - "Psora is the underlying cause, and is the primitive or primary disorder of the human race. It is a disordered state of the internal economy of the human race. This state express itself in the forms of the varying chronic diseases, or chronic manifestations."
According to Kent:- "Thinking, willing and doing are the 3 things in life from which finally proceed the chronic miasms.''...........had Psora never been established as a miasm upon the human race... susceptibility to acute diseases would have been impossible... it is the foundation of all sickness."

                                            So, the gift we get from mother (Psora) is the reason behind all the underlying causes of diseases either they belong to Psoric miasm or Sycotic miasm or Syphilis miasm, they born from one mother i.e. "The Mother Psora."

Friday, 24 July 2020

"Caution before giving these Homeopathic medicine"

  1. Apis-- Lower potency repetition in pregnancy (Farrington)
  2. Kali. Carb.-- Too high in old gout, Bright's disease, advanced Phthisis (Kent)
  3. Merc.-- Too often in Psoric cases (Kent)
  4. Arsenic alb.-- In dysentery (Kent)
  5. Sulphur-- Phthisis and structural diseases (Kent)
  6. Phos.-- Beware in impotency or very weak constitutions (Kent)
  7. Natrum Mur.-- Shouldn't often repeated in chronic cases without an intercurrent called  by the symptoms.
  8. Natrum mur.-- Should never be given during fever paroxysms
  9. Iodum-- Should not be given in lying-in period except in high potencies (Hering)
  10. Ferrum-- Should not be given in syphilis 
  11. Potash salts-- Should never be used when there is fever
  12. Santonine-- Don't give when there is fever or constipation

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

"Key Points to be Remembered"

  1. The outstanding symptom is the key to follow, no matter how remote this symptom may be from the pathology.
  2. Symptoms indicating the curative remedy often lie outside those that make up the pathology of the case.
  3. Hahnemann's central idea is fundamental that the farther an outstanding symptom seems removed from the ordinary course of disease, the greater is that symptom's value in determining the remedy.
  4.  After a remedy has acted, repeating the remedy too soon is one of the greatest mistakes that can be made. (Boger)
  5.  After a prescription giving relief, do not give a remedy for any new symptom appearing in a less vital part. (Adolph Lippe)
  6.  In chronic cases do not repeat or change a remedy too soon.This statement needs to be repeated a thousand times. (Sloan)
  7. Ultimates do not indicate the remedy. In cancer the sharp pains, ulceration and anemia are ultimates. Preceding symptoms must be found and on these the remedy selected.
  8.  Do not dip into the chronic state when dealing with an acute condition and vice versa. (Roberts.)
  9.  Do not commence treatment of any chronic disease during an acute exacerbation. Prescribe for the acute symptoms.
  10.  In treating a chronic case, if an acute condition appear, unless it becomes dangerous or throws upon the screen some individualistic indication, it should generally not be interfered with.
  11. If an acute disease appears on top of a chronic, you must let the remedy work its way out. (Boger)
  12. In any complicated chronic case, the recent symptoms are the deciding ones.
  13.  There is no better evidence of the good action of a remedy than mental improvement. (Kent)
  14. Prescribe for the last symptom to open the case.Follow with related remedy if any.
  15. Cure your case in layers, the last layer first. (Woodbury)

                                          --'From Homeopathic Recorder'

Indifference (Final part)

Some more aspects of indifference: -

Indifference to everything in life- This state is similar to ennui, that mental weariness and overall dissatisfaction with life.  His attitude is more defeatist; his mood is calm, but his outlook is indifferent. This state is in following medicines-

  1. Lycopodium
  2. Calcarea Carb.
  3. Sulphur
Indifference to pleasure and money- A genuine lack of response to pleasure or can indicate some strong feeling or conviction which the patient is combating. "Pleasure" here does not mean merely sensual gratification or indulgence in comfort, sexuality, rest, and beauty (although elements of these are naturally present), indifference to pleasure thus suggests some gross psychic deformity, the negation of some vital human attribute. 

  1. Phosphoric acid
  2. Carbo veg.
  3. Sepia
N.B.-In Phosphorus indifference often takes the form of unresponsiveness, in Lycopodium of detachment, in Sulphur of egocentricity, in Natrum muriaticum of self-denial, in Sepia of lack of interest, in Lachesis of  switching off, and so forth. 

Different Fears of Arsenic Album (Homeopathic medicine)

Arsenic patient always feels vulnerable and they have various kinds of fear. These fears are interlinked and they always want to live car...